Sell Us Your Games!

Whether you are finished with the latest games on your shelf or found a stash you played as a kid and don’t think you’ll venture back into 8 bit adventures. Come by and trade them in for cash or credit to the shop.


What we buy

  • Video Games from all generations
  • Consoles from all generations
  • Accessories from all generations
  • Video Game guides and art books
  • Amiibos, Skylanders, Disney Infinite figures


What we don’t buy

  • Headsets
  • Plushies and apparel
  • Modern generation consoles (with some exceptions)


Just because it’s on the list doesn’t mean we take everything. As a small shop we try our best to keep the most diverse and interesting selection of games that’ll fit on the shelfs. It’s always a good idea to contact us by email first ( ) with pictures of what you have to get the process going.



General guide to trade in value

For most games the trade amount will be up to 50% of the selling value.

Games on discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, UMDs) with a value of $12.00 and under will be taken in at 20% there current value. Most games in this price range usually incredibly common or not that sought after.

Loose discs with a value over $50 will be taken in at up to 30% their current value. 

Current games on the market up to 3 months old will be traded for up to 60% of the MRSP.

Accessories are traded in up to 40% of the sell value. This is generally due to the fact that controllers and similar products go through a lot of use and wear. In most cases they need to be cleaned and given minor repairs.

Consoles go for up to 45% of the sell value. A complete console includes the machine, the AC cables, the AV cables and 1 controller. A complete console in the box included all inserts and manuals.

At present Amiibos are the only Toys to Life figures that have a trade amount based on there sell value. Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures are purchased per unit.


Factors that help determine the sell value

Condition of the game: the cart, label, pins, disc, manuals, papers, poster and anything else that comes with the original game.

Whether the game is complete, loose or a mix

Whether the game, console, etc. fully functions

Rarity and popularity

Availability on the current market

We do not buy reproductions for the sake of preserving the authentic playing experience and honouring the makers and collectors of these games. We also do not buy graded games because we believe games are meant to be played!


* Please note: There are some games out there that are just not in demand and have very little value. Taking these games off you would be considered a service to the world. They will literally stay in my back store until Armageddon.

These include most Sports Games, Brain Age 1 + 2 and many of the Disney cartoon games. Don’t expect much for them.


Broken Consoles and Donations

If you have a console that's not functioning anymore feel free to bring it by the shop. In some cases they can be used as parts to help restore other consoles. This in turn keeps them out of landfills and brings an old system back to life. Anything that can't be used will be brought to a recycling centre. 

We also accept donations of games and consoles but do not expect it.