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Formula Retro Racing: World Tour - Special Edition fuses the pick-up-and-play simplicity of 90s-style arcade racing with realistic handling and modern features. Race through iconic global locations, compete against other drivers, and try to beat your own lap times. This Special Edition contains 2 exclusive stickers, 6 new themed tracks, reversed variants of all tracks, vehicle stats displays, and gameplay improvements.

• Retro Racing with a Modern Twist: Experience nostalgic arcade racing with realistic physics, multiplayer, and destructible cars.

• Exciting Gameplay Variety: Dive into diverse game modes for thrilling races, challenges, and practice sessions.

• Wide Selection of Vehicles: Choose from high-performance race cars and muscle cars, each with unique handling characteristics.

• Iconic Global Locations: Race through renowned cities like London, Paris, and New York, featuring recognizable landmarks.

• Social and Competitive Features: Compete locally in split-screen multiplayer and challenge online leaderboards for bragging rights.

• Languages: English, French, German, and Spanish in-game text.

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