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War darkened the skies of Agarest. Not a simple war between mortals, easily
ended by divine intervention, but a war that split the gods themselves. Armies
such as the world had never seen before, and would never see again, clashed in
the skies of Agarest, across its surface, and even in the caverns that wound their
way through its interior.

As is the way in war, many died on both sides, gods and mortals alike, and the
war left Agarest broken, blackened, and dead. The gods wept for their paradise,
and in a nal act of creation, sacriced themselves to bring life back to its
charred and twisted surface.

Born into this world perched unknowingly on the brink of the apocalypse, a
young man by the name of Leonhardt and his descendants are the last, best
hope for Agarest. Their journey will span generations and continents as they
strive to once again bring peace to their beleaguered world, even as the cost of
their own souls.

Key Features 

    • This updated version of Record of Agarest War includes all DLC for the game, as well as visual enhancements such as upscaled 2D art and full HD movies. The opening movie features music never before released in the West. 
    • Soul Breeding – Tired of just living through one lifetime in typical RPG titles? Then witness the Soul Breed system! Choose a bride at the end of your adventure and give birth to the hero of the next generation!
    •  Collaborative Attacks – Position your forces on the battleeld and wait for the right moment to string together massive combo attacks using multiple party members, both in melee and at range!
    • Aection Rating – Curious how one of Agarest's lovely ladies feels about you? Look no further than the Aection Gauge, which gives you a quick and easy visual representation of her opinions! Is she smiling? You must be doing something right! Frowning? Uh oh... If only real relationships were this easy!
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