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The 'Shakedown: Hawaii' Nintendo 3DS™ Standard Edition includes a game cartridge and manual.

There are a few important things to note:

  • The cartridge is region-locked and plays on North American region Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo 2DS™ systems only.
  • It was no longer possible to package these games with the preferred "Y-Fold Seal", so they have been shrink-wrapped instead. Shrink-wrapping produces artifacts that may be undesirable to some collectors. Examples include a wavy-effect to the front/back cover, prominent seams along the top, bottom and side of the shrink-wrap, small holes in the shrink-wrap, and air pockets that make colors in some spots appear different. Please look at all of the photos carefully prior to purchasing for examples of what to expect.

The total Nintendo 3DS™ print run is 6,000 copies -- 3,000 Standard Edition and 3,000 Collector's Edition.

The entire island is up for grabs... or at least, could be with the right business model.

Shakedown: Hawaii combines open world action and empire building. Build a "legitimate" corporation by completing open world missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, "re-zoning" land, and shaking down shops for protection money.

Shakedown: Hawaii parodies big business, and the most absurd business practices that go alongside. You're the CEO, and questionable subsidiaries, misleading ads, fine print, hidden service fees, and marketing spin are the tools of your trade.

From the boardroom to the streets, build your corporate empire and destroy the competition. It's business in the front, and bodies in the back... in Shakedown: Hawaii.

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